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Bernie wants a political revolution but how do we revolt?

We can protest. But protests rarely seem to produce positive change. Egyptians protested and their government is no better. Syrians protested and got killed, or became refugees. Remember ‘Occupy Wall Street.’ People get tired of protesting and they can get violent.

How about voting the bad guys out of office? The Republicans have gerrymandered districts so successfully the crazies in the Congress are supported by crazies at home. They are not likely to be voted out of office and if they stay in office they will continue to block any progress toward justice and equality.

Petitions are popular now. Do you think our Congress members pay attention to our signatures? Like Bernie says, they listen to the lobbyists and the wealthy, not to us.

I remember many years ago when Lech Walesa, a dock worker founded Poland’s first trade union; Solidarity. Walesa won a Nobel Peace Prize and eventually became the President of Poland. He did it with a STRIKE.

Bernie is turning out thousands at rallies all over the country, and they will continue, at least for a while. Suppose, just suppose, these well meaning people picked one day in December or January to stay home from work. That’s all, just stay home. You don’t have to carry a sign or go to Washington or even go out of the house. It’s not inconvenient, it’s not dangerous. Some may want to take to the streets peacefully to call attention to the strike. If millions participated in a peaceful workers strike it might stir the pot. If teachers didn’t go to school and grocers didn’t stock the shelves and gas stations didn’t open up, and mail carriers ‘got sick’ and airplanes didn’t fly Congress might listen. And if they didn’t then on the first of the next month the strike would recur. And if that didn’t work then in two weeks another strike might go down, and another two weeks after that……eventually the people might be heard, like they were so many years ago in Poland.

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