ATTENTIONHave you written anything about Bernie Sanders or Progressive politics in general? Would you like your words to be seen by the world? The reason I’m asking is:
I would like to announce the launch of BernieBlog.Org !!! A blog about Bernie Sanders that is written by and for supporters of Bernie. Since Bernie doesn’t get adequate mainstream media coverage I thought it would be a great idea to create our own media machine for Bernie!

The goal of this site is to showcase the writings of Bernie Sanders supporters all across the nation. aims to show the world how much the peoples of our great nation loves and supports Bernie Sanders! Also, will provide Bernie Supporters with useful links, Official news about Bernie, news about the 2016 elections and all of the politics surrounding it.

And, that leads us to this post… I’m currently looking for articles that Bernie supporters have written on the topic of either Bernie Sanders or Progressive Politics in general. If you have any blurbs, articles, essays or blog posts that you would like to have published on… Please submit your writings here:

>Submit Your Posts Here<

I am also on the hunt for EXPERIENCED current WordPress (or similar publishing platform) users that would like to publish their articles directly to the site. If you are an experienced blogger and would like to write for please also use the link above. Please include a link to your current blog with your message.

I look forward to publishing your work! GO BERNIE!

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  1. THANKMYOU! Great idea! ????????? #feelthebern

  2. Bernie is giving back a soul to the Democrats

  3. This is a brilliant idea. I have been posting & re-posting nearly every Bernie story I come across. It has been at least 40 years since I actually heard a politician I could believe & Senator Sanders is that politician. I trusted Clinton & he gave us DOMA & NAFTA, I trusted Obama, he has given us arctic drilling and the TPP and maybe Keystone pipeline. HRC, who knows?????

  4. I’ve never been this proud to be an American. Thank you Sen. Bernie Sanders for giving us all hope.

  5. I have simply copied and pasted the campaign page to our newspaper, I think that most of the questions are answered in all of the links but if there is anything further to add I would be glad to do so and if there are any activities in Washington State I will gladly post those

  6. Darkwind Fields | September 9, 2015 at 7:30 am | Reply

    super idea:) bernie is simpley, the best!

  7. Like so many, I am observing the universe of the Bernie Sanders campaign, being drawn into the message, the candidate and the potential. Conventional media has fallen short in reporting the issues and how they impact our lives. Grassroots efforts such as this are required to move Americans to the polls to VOTE for a candidate who will fight for a world where taking care of the needs and wants for ourselves, our family, friends and neighbors is at a higher priority within our government than serving excessive profitability and a war focused agenda. The idea of this Blog is as great as is the shame on the media outlets who are not serving the Bernie Sanders inspired “Political Revolution” adequately. Thank you!!

  8. Ali McCarron Wilcox | September 11, 2015 at 8:19 pm | Reply

    I was just wondering how/if anyone with the know-how would do this! I’m sick of the snide interviews where they badger Bernie for negative rap about other candidates or ask if he’s surprised at others while showing the other’s campaign pictures! It’s not what I want people who don’t know Bernie to see. Your idea is wonderful. I may submit also.

  9. Really great idea! Maybe some of the writings could be shared in the form of Letters to the Editor. Many people are still not online and are mostly newspaper (local and national) readers. A mass blitz of Letters to the Editor! and politely inquire why there is not more coverage of Bernie Sanders, “democratic socialist” (defined), who is actually addressing the issues and offering solutions!

  10. We need to organize a blog site specifically to expose the corporate media and who they are owned by. We need to let the public know that they are owned by the elite, rich, and powerful oligarchs that have stolen our democracy! We need to call for a ban on their money stream by asking people to boycott such lies and propaganda that they are spreading. For example, look at the similarities between Fox News and the propaganda machine that Hitler employed.

    Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. ~ Hitler

  11. I have never blogged but I have been told I need to set up one. I have far too much to say to about this race for Facebook to accommodate the posts!

  12. this is not my 1st visit here nor will it be my last. I love that this blog is here for Bernie. he was 10 yrs old when I was born so I know many of our life experiences are shared experiences. I live in a blue dot floating in a red sea called Florida. I legally married my partner of 20 years right here in Florida. I never thought i’d see the day that would happen here. progressives Are making progress on many fronts but the human cost of a republican oligarchy on the middle class has been devastating. and that is just the tip of the ‘iceberg’. don’t get me started on climate. i’m a senior on SS disability & medicare so my income is limited and so I try to make a small impact by recycling & reducing my consumption of fossil fuel. I would love to go all solar. the sun’s energy is free every day and as a citizen of earth I think means & methods of collection, storage & use should be just as free. I do own my own home but I do not know for how long. All of our incomes are subject to the whims of Wall Street, Banks & the GOP in D.C. This causes great angst among the masses and history will repeat itself because greed is a disease for which there is no cure. it’s an addiction and once an addict always an addict. you can learn to control it but you can never cure it. which brings me to another issue of grave importance … mental health care. I could go on & on ad-nausea but I think I’ve made my point. the most pressing issues of today are the very same issues that Bernie Sanders and our generation struggled with 40 years ago. it is mind blowing. I want to meet the good Senator from VT and shake his hand though I know it isn’t likely but I will continue to speak his name at every opportunity until I can say congratulations Mr. President. Now how can We The People serve you??

  13. Happy New Year Senator.

  14. Most interesting! Had the idea to post remarks relating our campaign to the UK’s labor party victory in a reportedly landslide choice by voters of #JeremyCorbyn, described as a representative of the far left, overcoming odds placed at 200/1. I was, however, in a quandary over where to put that idea to work.
    All morning I thought about how to best meet this challenge. I had already put my fb settings to allow the general public to see everything I post, but couldn’t be certain how many were actually doing so (other than those on my friends list). Then, as I was scrolling through the news feed, I caught a post in which the author talked about having submitted a piece to this page.
    It was a shower of blessings at a point of heightening drought. Coincidence? Depends on your definition of the term. There are those, it is said, who not only don’t believe in such things; they don’t even have a comparable term with which to describe them.
    My definition is limited strictly to the occurrence of two or more events in close proximity according to time of occurrence. Whether related or not has no bearing on qualification. Put another way, two or more “incidents” “co”-opting the same space in time. But that’s for my use, and no, I don’t claim exclusive right of its use.
    So,… I am. What I’ve been putting up this morning is as follows:
    REMEMBER! When they say to you (and they WILL), “Bernie Sanders? He can’t possibly win!”; you say to them, “That’s what they said about #JeremyCorbyn!”
    _____ M T B

  15. I do not have a blog, but have 20+ years software analysis experience. I believe I can help in many ways, however my availability is limited to off hours. I believe in Bernie and want to help. Out of town 9/18 – 9/26. Thanks. LiChun. *Phone Number Removed*

  16. I am a former newspaper writer and willing to help in any way I can. Letters to the editor, press releases or anything else I can do to help in the Detroit area.

  17. I love everything that Bernie Sanders says and want his Voice to be heard by all. However, as a retired Speech Pathologist, I can’t help but worry about his vocal style. It is much too early in the campaign for Bermie to lose his voice but that is clearly the direction he is headed. Can someoen please forward my concerns so that his team can hire a vocal coach for him? He needs vocal rest, some pitch adjustments, and some breathing exercises so that he can continue to speak his mind loudly and clearly right up to Election Day and beyond. Thanks!

  18. Great idea! I’d suggest that any piece posted here should be submitted as a letter to the editor of various newspapers also or made available as a resource for sharing wherever there is an audience.

  19. I am a musician and composer and Business owner and a resident of Bernie’s home state and I love Bernie Sanders A politician who wants big corporations to pay there taxes what a concept !! Just that alone will fund Bernie’s single payer system. !5 dollars an hour minimum will save social security and stimulate the economy in one move. It will double the taxes paid by the minimum hourly worker and increase their weekly income almost 50% that’s a bunch of spending money for the bottom 50%.

  20. Qualifications, Intelligence.

  21. I have just been sharing others post and talking to everyone I meet about how Bernie is the only light on the horizon in our political arena. I have probably driven off a lot of friends that think there is some other answer but …..Feel the Bern Growing. …Bernie for President. ….Bern Baby Bern. …let’s elect Bernie for President.

  22. The Hispanic community needs to be reach by Bernie’s campaign. I am doing word of mouth campaign with my friends, their friends, Hispanic people. Even, I want to take my iPad and start knocking door in my neiborhood in Connecticut. YES WE CAN:)

    • Hi Martha, I hope you were able to watch the live feed of Bernie’s rally last night in Tucson. It was a bold and brilliant presentation, and the crowd was largely Latino. He is clearly reaching a wider and wider audience as his message gets out (even with the media continuing to basically ignore his campaign)! Check out 10-year old Bobby de la Rosa’s moving and inspiring speech introducing the Senator–it’s on YouTube….amazing!

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