Bernie Sanders: A Political Shake up

By: Kay Marauder

Bernard Sanders: Politician, artist, activist, family man, socialist who has decided to step up to the plate in an attempt to capture the white house in 2016. Many doubted him, few believed in him; for how could a small fry such as Sanders climb to the pinnacle of a democratic race and manage to start a fire, not just any fire, flames of a political revolution.

From the birth of his political career Sanders has always believed in truth, justice, equality , and the basic fundamentals of human life. How can anyone not be lured by such grand ideas and beliefs that Sanders himself spews nearly on a daily basis as he campaigns for the white house; even as these words spill across my very page. The man himself, as he is just another human being as we all are, is fighting a hard raging battle that he needs the majority to stand up and fight with him in this country.

It is not a battle bloodshed , but of basic rights and taking things back that have been stripped from the United States population. He fights a war with the very people who have viciously ravaged and snatched many things right under everyone’s noses. He wishes to have combat with the 1% of the most wealthiest individuals of this country, who own corporations, business, and even some of your representatives.

So who is this man, this man who dares stand up to anyone who attempts to bury truth and rearrange the laws of the land, to where there is only justice and freedom for the extremely wealthy of this nation. He is Bernard Sanders and he is running for the president of The United States of America, and he stands for liberty, justice, equality, peace, happiness, and prosperity for all who live under the protection of the United States Constitution.

Though many who had doubted him, now believe, those who had mocked him now fear him as he makes his climb to the white house gates, he was never a flash in the pan, or summer sizzle he has created waves and stirred the passions across generations of people in this country. So don’t you think enough is enough? Time to stand with the man who is looking toward the future of this country and it’s people, not the past or himself. He is one leader we can’t fail at electing in 2016, so let us dream of a better future, live for prosperity , encourage peace and happiness for all man kind, so lets take the right step in supporting the candidate of tomorrow, today.

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  1. We “the people” will elect Bernie. It is the time for a change; yes we can. Go Bernie 2016:)

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