Bernie’s Fans Take Action

Supporters take to the street corner to promote Bernie Sanders with signs and banners. (photo from Kathy Scott)

People may wonder what action Bernie’s fans can take to boost his campaign. Here’s a sampling of ideas from the Bernie Believers group on Facebook. If you need some examples of what a grassroots campaign for president looks like, here you go.

I kicked the activities off with a post that I put on the Facebook group: “Here’s a call to action for Friday, Sept. 18. Let’s all go do one thing that helps or promotes Bernie. Then come back and put a comment on this thread about what we did. (suggestions: order some Bernie buttons, start a conversation with a friend where you recommend Bernie, create a new Bernie meme, write a blog post about Bernie, call your local Democratic office to volunteer, etc.) Use your imagination to come up with others. GO…”

meme from Facebook

Bernie Sanders meme: Have you spoken to someone about Bernie Sanders today?

  • Sharon French Nault was the first to comment, “I have a few more people on the night shift to give print-outs to.”
  • Sharrhan Williamson was happy to announce, “I just made a kick-ass (if I may say so myself!) Bernie brochure. Gave my first one out to the manager of my gym, and he loved it! I can’t wait to start sharing them with people. I made it full color, on semi-gloss brochure paper, and it folds into 3 double-sided sections. I think it covers all the most important Bernie information that we like to share with people.”
    She added that “If anyone wants to use my templates to create your own brochure, please feel free to do so!
bernie brochure by Sharrhan Williamson p1

Page one of the brochure created by Sharrhan Williamson.

Page 2 of Sharrhan Williamson's Bernie brochure.

Page 2 of Sharrhan Williamson’s Bernie brochure.

  • Janet Morra took action. She said, “Yes! I got friends to call their elections board to get instructions on how to register as a Democrat!!” She also ordered a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker, t-shirt and a hoodie. The best source for Bernie Sanders gear is the Bernie Store where everything is made in the U.S. by union workers. The proceeds to directly to his campaign, not to the Democratic Party.
  • Dusty Trellis talked to his caseworker about Bernie, this afternoon. He plans to do this with everyone.
  • Ayesha H LeRoy visited with two artist friends, bringing them literature and materials to distribute. She said, “They cannot come to my Bernie meeting on Sunday, so I took the meeting to them. Had a lovely phone chat of about an hour with a gentleman coming about 50 miles to attend the meeting! I made the signs and posters for the meeting today as well.”
  • Teresa Chavez placed Bernie 2016 stickers in strategic places around town.
    Robin Kelley enthused, “The easier question would be who I have NOT spoken to about Bernie. I live and breathe Bernie! Get out of my way, I want to jump up and down and shout BERNIE! I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.”
  • Vickie Porter Garner signed up today to have a debate viewing party at her house. “I live in Arkansas I hope somebody comes, ha!” If you want to hold your own event, like a debate viewing party, check out the how-to on Bernie’s Official Website.
  • Pookie London said she talked to two college students that she and her husband gave rides to and we gave a Bernie flyer to a friend. “We’re also starting a Bernie group in our home town! Ordered my kit!”
  • Tammy McNamara reported that she’s keeping extra bumper stickers in the car to give everyone who comments on hers.
  • Kathy Kolley Randlett ordered a tshirt where all proceeds go to Bernie.
  • Pam Franz said they had their biweekly Bernie meeting tonight in Rochester, MN.
  • Kurry Cooke mailed an extra bumper sticker to a friend.
  • Kathy Scott said, “We had a sign wave and several people stopped and we gave them a flyer about Bernie.”
  • Leslie Sexton tells about her activity to support Bernie that day. “I was in a neighborhood in my town at a garage sale. I saw a Bernie bumper sticker on a car next door so I rang their doorbell. The owner was an independent, formerly a Republican. We talked about what we like about Bernie. I told him about changing his registration to be able to caucus for Bernie on Feb 20 (in Nevada) and about our county central committee meeting tomorrow. He said he’d be willing to walk his precinct. Then I asked him, ‘by the way, why were you ever a republican?’ His answer, ‘because I was stupid.’ His comment made my day!”
  • Dawn Johnson-Deal told about standing on the side of a busy highway waving a sign that read “We need a revolution now!” while having one end of a 15 foot banner tied around her waist that read “Bernie 2016” for two hours after work.
Supporters take to the street corner to promote Bernie Sanders with signs and banners. (photo from Kathy Scott)

Supporters take to the street corner to promote Bernie Sanders with signs and banners.
(photo from Kathy Scott)

  • Savana Rose says she uses constant posts to my page, sending personal messages to people, debating on others’ pages and she put a magnet Bernie sticker on her car. “Going to a local rally tomorrow!” she enthused.
  • Bruce Morris told what he was working on. “I’m in MA and have been mentally drafting a letter all week to my senator, Elizabeth Warren. It would explain why I, her constituent, wishes she would formally endorse Senator Sanders for president. Going to take the weekend and give it a shot.”
  • Lisa Alderman shared her effort. Here’s the conversation: While talking to a coworker about Facebook, I mentioned that I only go on to check my notifications and post about Bernie. He says, “Oh, you’re one of THEM.” I responded, “yes I am. He is truly the best choice for our country.” I talked to him a bit about his position and about the other candidates as well. Long story short, he tells me he hopes bernie wins. Now HE is one of US.
  • Vescha Lahearse told about posting updates everyday, writing blogs, and leading people to register and vote in the primaries and general election. She said, “I’ve almost got my dad convinced. He’s a Vietnam vet and he’s sick of GOP cuts in the VA. I’m thinking of producing a burly girl/band event to promote him and his platform.” She has a family member who’s a booker at a venue in Denton, TX and a friend who is a big supporter who can hook her up with a promo date in Dallas. “My dad’s in the VVA. I’ll talk to him about doing a Stand With Veterans with information about Bernie Sanders.”
  • Cindy Thomas commented that “I actually said something to my co-worker yesterday before I even saw this post. He had no clue who Bernie was! And he’s a Democrat. Hopefully he listened.”
  • Melanie Fisher has fantastic advice on how to create your own videos in support of Bernie Sanders!(see video below)

Posted by All Things Bernie on Monday, July 27, 2015

So, here’s my challenge to you: choose your own way of helping Bernie, but try to make it a part of your daily activities. Every individual that we reach out to is a potential vote for our candidate.

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  1. Hi there!
    I’ve been re-purposing board games I find at thrift stores to be Bernie Sanders (and general political landscape) educational tools. We just had our first “Board Games for Bernie” house party/fundraiser, and we intend to have them in local venues (big cafes) soon. I’d love to get Bernie Peeps all over the nation making Bernie Jenga – it’s a great tool to engage with people when tabling at local events – people pull out a jenga tile, the tile has a number that corresponds to a number on a sheet, which has a fact about Bernie’s platform and/or a key action he’s already taken for us — it’s such a killer way to get people talking!
    Please feel free to reach out for more info!


  2. This is an awesome story: so inspirational. It reminds us that if “We Stand Together,” Sen. Sanders will win the White House, and we can all have fun helping him get there.

  3. I am the Senior Correspondent for the London-based, “where trade unionists start their day on the net.” It is a site that posts stories from all over the internet on national (not just the U.S.) and international issues related to trade unions and labor. We are all unionists; many of us are democratic socialists. I am an American citizen and recently changed my voting status from “independent” to Democratic Party so that I can vote for Sanders in the New York primary.

    I post as much material that I can find to the USA page that involves the relationship between Bernie Sanders and American labor. I have posted much matieral already, but as also hoping that a most explicit connection can be made between American unions and the Sanders campaign. Issues such as the 40-hr work week, “right-to-work” (for less), collective bargaining, and the role of the labor movement in the betterment of the middle class are legitimate topics that still need to be addressed better by the campaign. I hope that making these concerns for apparent will allow Bernie Sanders to pick up some big union endorsements.

  4. Richard Maynard | October 1, 2015 at 12:41 pm | Reply

    It really too bad the Brochures violate FEC regulations and the Law #feelthebern REGULATIONS REGARDING

    Legal disclaimers must contain two distinct elements:
    1) Whether or not the material is approved by any candidate or candidate’s committee. ALL materials that are produced by grassroots supporters must contain the statement: “Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”

    2) The person, group or PAC that paid for the material and labor involved in the printing and distribution of the material. Because this second part can be a Pac, group or individual, this information must be customized depending on who prints and distributes the material. One size does NOT fit all. We have worked hard to make this field editable in the documents that we provide below. There is more space in this text box so you can add a personal message, Facebook group, etc. Multiple forms of contact information make these materials even more effective by allowing you to claim ownership of them.

    Please obey the letter of the law.
    This is the law: 11 CFR 110.11(b)(3)

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