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That’s an interesting word really. Members of the MSM don’t seem to have the skill to deal with contrasts even when they take center stage in a truly remarkable week in American politics.

Donald Trump had rough night in front of those guns on the Iowa. Men fought that ship and the guns are real. Trump wasn’t. He gave a half-assed performance, after being endorsed by a bogus organization with apparently only one member – then he left after a hollow 15 minutes.

He had a worse night during the republican debate. Fiorina got her revenge and Bush had more energy and Christie got some old bluster back and even mentioned the Middle Class. In the end, ten of their best beat up on a school yard bully and that was it. While other people got to make noise, puff themselves up with war talk and hating women, they showed a deeper truth. They’ve got nothing.

This week Hillary noticed Bernie long enough to have one of her PAC’s send a weak attack email out to the donor class and Washington insiders. Ugly? Yeah – but that’s nothing too.

The contrast happened in Lynchburg, Virginia. Bernie Sanders took the stage at Liberty University and proved that justice and wisdom aren’t dead in the United States. If Bernie walked into the lion’s den (Politicsusa stole my line) at Liberty, it wasn’t a lion’s den when he left.

He started with: “It is very easy for a candidate to speak to people who hold the same views. It’s harder but important to reach out to others who look at the world differently.” He wasn’t there to convert them. He spoke about justice and morality. He framed his case to his audience and camera sweeps of the audience found thousands of students leaning forward, wrapped by the words and vision of a little old Jewish guy from Brooklyn.

Politically, Sanders at Liberty probably surpassed Bill Clinton’s speech at the 2012 Convention. There’s a case to be made that Obama regained the White House, but Bill won the election. Time will tell.

We don’t need PACs or attacks ads. We don’t need to think about Trump in the playground. The contrast couldn’t be clearer. There is one American statesman running for the Presidency – Bernie Sanders.

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