Jeremy Corbyn elected leader of England’s opposition Labour Party…Progressives are taking over!

Before I begin this piece I want to thank everyone for the support my first piece got I appreciate it very much. These past few days were long and tiring for me that’s why I was not able to write my next piece for the website. I won’t bore you with the details of my life, I’m ready to write my next piece and the idea for this piece just came to me when I saw this headline on Huffington Post “Socialist Elected UK Opposition Labour Leader” I admit that I don’t personally know much about Jeremy Corbyn however after reading this piece and reading up on Mr. Corbyn I came to a realization, Corbyn is much more to the left that Bernie Sanders is. The first words in the Huffington Post piece says “Karl Marx admirer Jeremy Corbyn…” If this is true clearly he’s further to the left than Bernie Sanders and further to the left than most American progressives and me personally. However I’m happy that he was elected because with Mr. Corbyn’s election the Labour Party is saying that they will not take it anymore from the establishment in the UK and they want change just like we want change here in the US. However not everyone is happy with the election of Mr. Corbyn as the leader of the Labour Party according to the Huffington Post piece “However, the scale of division Corbyn’s victory has created in his own party was immediately laid bare with one Labour lawmaker quitting his role as a health spokesman while Corbyn was making his acceptance speech. Others quickly followed, saying they would not serve in his senior team.” The establishment of the Labour Party in the UK clearly is not happy and they are showing it by quitting their positions in the party. Mr. Corbyn is also anti-war and that hurts the military industrial complex because it will be harder for the British establishment to join the United States to bomb random Muslim countries. This honestly reminds of the reaction of Bernie Sanders surging presidential campaign here in the US. Most of the establishment Democrats are supporting Hillary Clinton and won’t even take a second look at Mr. Sanders because of the fact that he’s a “socialist” when in fact Mr. Sanders is a Democratic Socialist. (By the way if you want more information on Democratic Socialism check out this link.) 

The billion dollar question becomes why are progressive politicians are gaining more and more support not only in the US but in the UK and Europe in general? The reason why is obvious if you are paying attention it’s because the political establishment in the US and Europe have screwed over the middle class and the poor for far too long now and the working class and the middle class is not going to take it anymore. Progressives are taking over the Labour party and I believe they are setting the example for progressives here in the US we need to take over the Democratic Party and drive out all of the establishment weak democrats just like the Labour Party is doing now. Bernie Sanders is leading the progressive movement in America and his doing a good job so far but we have so much work to do and if you are a Bernie Sanders supporter you need to fight harder than you’ve ever fought for anything before in your life. We can’t let the establishment and the corporatist fascists keep power because they will continue to give us the shaft and give all of our money and recourses to the billionaires and corporations.  Is it possible that we will see two real progressives as the heads of state in the US and the UK? That’s an interesting question and deep down inside I hope that the answer is yes.

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Angel Rivera
I was born and raised in New Jersey I am Bernie Sanders supporter for President. I was a former Republican until I learned about what being a liberal is all about and I left the party in 2007 and became a progressive. I like to play basketball, baseball and play video games in my spare time

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  1. I agree with you about democratic socialism and how the disappearing middle class and increasingly disentitled working class, caused by the ruminations of capitalism (not just greed), is finally standing up for itself. I am a DSA member (you linked to that site) and have been a democratic socialist since I joined YPSL and SDUSA in 1972 and DSOC in 1975.

    Nowadays, I post relevant labor stories to LabourStart, “where trade unionists start their day on the net.” LabourStart campaigns garner the forces of the thousands of people who read LabourStart to sign petitions for trade unionists around the world who have been prevented from exercising their rights either by a corporation or by a state apparatus … or both. See

    However, I think we have to be very careful about Leftists and even trade unionists who may be quite enthusiastic about socialist politics but who also can’t tell the difference between politics of the democratic Left and the politics of totalitarians. Totalitarians of the right wing or the left wing will support non-democratic and anti-democratic causes. Jeremy Corbyn was on more than one occasion called members of Hamas and Hezbollah “friends” and shared the stage with them, and done so uncritically. And their “friends” in the Palestinian Solidarity Committee call for BDS measures (boycott, divestures, and sanctions) against Israel. The PSC is quite active in Europe and its sympathizers are becoming increasingly active in the U. S.

    Now, we know that Bernie Sanders is not pro-BDS. If he were, I would not support him and most of the Democratic Party members we hope will vote for him probably would not support a candidate who is anti-Israel.

    One can be pro-Israel, pro-two-state-solution, and against the expansion of West Bank Settlements, and still support Israel. The PSC and its allies support the destruction of Israel. It is very important that Bernie Sanders be a little more careful about positive comments about people like Jeremy Corbyn without some kind of clarification … or simply say nothing. Something like this could very easily become a method through which HIllary Clinton or Joe Biden could create a wedge … and one that could easily work.

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