That Poll In Iowa..

When the Des Moines Register polled the Iowa Caucuses before we officially entered the race, Bernie Sanders trailed Hillary Clinton by more than fifty points.

In May, shortly after we announced our campaign, her lead was right around 40 points. In June, we cut the margin to twenty-five. And as Bernie shared in his email this morning, we’ve now trimmed the deficit down to single digits — just seven percentage points.

This poll confirms what we’ve known all along: we can shock the political pundits and billionaire class and win the Iowa Caucuses. And from there, we’ll take off like a rocket on our way to the Democratic nomination.

But only if we keep up the progress.

There’s one more interesting note I want to share with you in the big Iowa Caucus poll. A full NINETY-SIX percent of Bernie backers say their choice is about him and his ideas, not because they dislike any other candidates.

Far too often, Americans go to the polls and feel as if they’re voting for the lesser of two or more evils. That is not the case here — people BELIEVE in Bernie. We know that you do, too.

All my best,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

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