The Fate of Our Species


by Dr. P-J

The creation of art in support of Bernie Sanders for President takes many forms, 2-D, 3-D, conceptual art, and music. Facebook memes are huge source of hope and encouragement in the face of corporate media’s relentless support of Hillary’s ambitions; Bernie inspires us. This morning’s Facebook presented the pleasant sight of a how-to poster from Berniacs for Action.

flammarion-woodcut-med BB

DIY Bernie supporters are everywhere in this great nation of ours. We still have free speech and the right to vote. Let’s use these rights to save the biosphere from destruction.

door hanger BB

Not to put too fine a point on in, but the fate of our species hangs in the balance! We MUST stop the transnational corporations (Monsanto, HalliburtonChevronShell, Exxon, Walmart, etc.) from harvesting every resource – natural, human, whatever you got – with total impunity.


Bernie Sanders is the only viable candidate for President who can be trusted to stop the TPP.  As Secretary of State, Hillary promoted the damned thing all over the world, referring to it as the “gold standard” of trade agreements.


What irks me is those who promote the claim that the TPP is “better” than previous trade agreements. Oh you mean the trade agreements that gutted the middle class, enriched the 1% at the expense of the 99%, and created extra-national adjudication – a judicial system that overrules our national laws such as the country-of-origin labeling on our meat? An outer ring of hell is better than an inner ring of hell? Really?


Leaked documents (check out WikiLeaks TPP webpages) show that the TPP hands over ultimate power to the transnational corporations that have corrupted our government (ALEC, Citizens United, Senator Ron Wyden, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, etc.) We have this one (ONE) opportunity to save our species from annihilation. Bernie Sanders for President.


And good morning and happy Sunday to you. Top of the day!

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Dr. P-J
Dr. P-J took a Ph.D. in Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership from the College of Education at the University of Oregon in 2013. Her scholarly interests include statistics, quantitative methods, qualitative methods, power structure analysis, Gender and Queer Theory, Critical Theory, and labor studies. Her dissertation (published as "An Informed Electorate" and available at found a statistically significant correlation between a high level of a state’s educational standardization and high level of voter suppression / low voter turnout.

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