The Revolution will not be televised!

I regularly come across memes online proclaiming: “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” With the development of the use of social media in this year’s presidential campaign, America has entered a new age of politics. Bernie Sanders has brought some new school techniques to the table and the traditional main stream media has been playing catch-up ever since.  In military terms, Bernie Sanders has outflanked the opposition.

Television is old school and most politicians in America are old school. Old school media thinks of social media in terms of being simply entertainment. This is why the networks were surprised by Bernie’s sudden growth in popularity. The networks were all set to cover the same old game. But, two things happened: Bernie decided to change the game and the people decided that Bernie’s game was better.

Television advertising is very expensive and money is something Bernie doesn’t exactly have much of. Facebook, Twitter and The Huffington Post are just some of the many free outlets Bernie has utilized to gain exposure. His use of social media shows an amazing amount of strategic genius. He has circumvented the traditional media outlets and has gotten his message directly to the people. Much of what Bernie is doing has never been done before. Traditional media just isn’t equipped to deal with social media as a source of political news. Nor, are they currently equipped to deal with Presidential contender Sanders’ use of it.

Eventually, The Revolution will be televised! It’s just a simple matter of ratings, economics and time. In an effort to draw more viewers and increase revenue, one of the networks will break ranks. They will begin to cover Senator Sanders because that’s what the people want. You only stay in the media business by providing the people with what they want. The tradition media outlets will play catch up! They will not allow themselves to lose out on any of those sweet, sweet advertising dollars. When they realise what a draw Bernie Sanders is, they will begin to give him more airtime. And, In order not to lose market share, all other mainstream outfits will follow suit.

I am curious as to what future historians will have to say regarding the role played by social media in this presidential campaign. I look forward to reading their tweets…

From: Patric C. Hayes
Edited By: Roger McKinney

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