This is no longer Republican v Democrat

I’m truly afraid for our country.

With recent advances in social equality and a slight return to a better economy, I was proud of The United States. However, now we have a racist, ignorant, face of a corporation running for president, and he is doing well. I have no doubt in my mind that Trump is buying and will continue to buy his way up the Republican polls.

I’ve always leaned Democratic in politics, however I still respected Republican values. These values are going to be stripped away and the Republican party will truly change into a grotesque violent machine, with Trump as the conductor. He is rallying the radical racists and elitists out of hiding and out of their closets. I firmly believe violence will erupt and our caste system will only grow exponentially if he is elected.

On the other end I see U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and what he brings to the table. He fights for what makes us stronger as a people and as a nation: sane economic reform, equal rights for everyone, fixing a crumbling infrastructure, and so much more. Bernie’s campaign is paid by individual donations, unions and public fundraisers, i.e., Us, the 99%. He is against Super PACS and corporate donations to fund presidential campaigns. Our bias is Bernie Sanders’ bias.

The scariest and most exciting part about all of this is, there won’t be the ruse of puppet presidential candidates funded by corporations. If Trump and Bernie become the final contenders, it won’t be Republican v Democrat, it will be Corporations and the 1% vs Us, the people, the poor and middle class.

I implore all of you, register and vote this election.

Cory LaFrance

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