We were dreamers

From: Colin Vettier

Once upon a time, a long time ago, people had a dream of society fueled with ideals, a society where people mattered – where people were actually the society. They wouldn’t settle for the lesser of two evils because they had great expectations.

They though voting contributed to the making of a society made by the people for the people. One where inequality and inequity were, if not completely banished, at least efficiently and willfully tackled.

Those people were dreamers, utopists.

However, they were put to rest by a political system inherently unfair because it was tailored by private interests, merchants, lobbies etc. in spite of the people’s greater interest.

The people then had to choose between two parties which were not very different from one another. Why? Because they both have a common interest in preserving a bi-party system where they can thrive. No one can see the branch on which one is sitting – be it a political branch or otherwise.

Then came Bernie Sanders, allowing those dreamers to wake from their numb state. Once more they were allowed to dream not only of a better world but also of one that was within reach. And there came a spectacular campaign that echoed all over the world. A socialist running for the US Democratic Primaries? That would be unheard of – at least in the past 50 something years.

Today, as I write these lines this campaign has reached an end. Bernie will not run for the democratic party: Hillary Clinton won the Democrat Primaries.

Following her victory, on the internet – including some so called “serious publications” – a disgusting rhetoric has started growing: Hillary Clinton is a woman. Bernie supporters disagree with her. Therefore, they are male chauvinist pigs.

Don’t get me wrong, a woman in the Whitehouse would be historical (even if this does not necessarily mean that she will help women’s right progress in any way).

But the fact that her supporters are calling Bernie’s supporters male chauvinist pigs is misguided. This is tantamount to saying that being a woman is her best asset; that she won BECAUSE she is a woman. Even though we do not live in a gender / color blind society, the first reason why one should pick a candidate over another is his/her vision. When you’re being sold a gender, a color or any other (relatively) irrelevant aspect of a candidate over his/her vision, then you should question why is it so.

In my humble opinion – which you might not agree with – this is just another way to objectify women. As if being a woman was now being used as a Godwin’s law corollary.  “… but she’s a woman. So you’re just a misogynist bastard.” End of the discussion. That’s a pretty easy card to play to make people buy something they wouldn’t otherwise (Ghostbusters reboot anyone? The critics towards the quality of the trailer were decided to be just another example of “geek” misogyny despite the fact that most of them did not even question the cast.). According to the obscure rules of the Internet, that is called trolling. According to the not-a-bit less obscure rules of marketing strategy that is call “wrapping it up”.

The fact that she’s part of a rigged system is not debated because that would be blatant misogyny.  Besides she will most likely run against Trump, so if you don’t vote Hillary you’ll be called a racist, ignorant bigot. That reminds me of George W. Bush’s “you’re either with us or against us” which is basically bullying your way through.

So when I saw those Hillary supporters saying that Bernie supporters were bitter losers and therefore white male chauvinist pigs, I choked. Are they just refusing to see the bigger picture? Nobody called her an anti-Semitic aristocrat for not dropping the primaries and choosing to run against a Jewish opponent.

What those people did not understand was that Bernie supporters were in for a revolution – to carry a dream straight to the Whitehouse. Now this dream has seemingly reached to an end. And they should immediately shit on it and support a candidate who stands for many things they were fighting against? BECAUSE SHE’S A WOMAN?!

Aren’t they entitled to be bitter – at least for a while?

Don’t they deserve to decide by themselves if they are Democrats (and will therefore support Hillary) or just Bernie supporters?

Their only fault was they believed a better society was within reach – they dreamt it, they gathered around it and they fought for it.

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  1. If you vote for Hillary because she is a woman, then YOU are the one that is a SEXIST PIG. Write in Bernie’s name when you vote in November. If we stick together we have enough people to make the dream come true.

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