Why this Brit is ready for President Bernie Sanders!

I am a Brit living in America for the past three decades. I’m fortunate to have dual citizenship which allows me to vote here in America. I do not take that privelege lightly. Last year when I was back in the UK I watched television eagerly as the country went about electing the new Prime Minister. I was struck as I am every time I watch the election process at just how vastly different it is from the election process here in the States.

For starters, the entire length of a major General Election Campaign to choose a new Prime Minister is approx 6 weeks. 6 weeks!! Imagine that. Super Pacs are not allowed, and political donations are capped very low. No candidate is beholden to Big Money, therefore no election can be bought.

How different it is here in the U.S. Just the fact that the debate season here is close to 18 months is insane, and even more insane is the ridiculously large amounts of money that are raised by candidates running for President.

Which brings me to my candidate Bernie Sanders. I have always been politically minded and feel it is our civic duty to get involved with the political process. I campaigned for Jerry Brown, and Obama in both 2008 and 2012, but I have never felt as passionate about a candidate as I do about Sen.Sanders.

Without sounding too new agey, he has restored my hope not just in politics, but in humanity. He is the real deal, the New Deal. He is the only one who has walked his talk for decades. The only one with integrity who doesn’t have to remember his lines because he has always had the same message. Long before issues became popular he was right there speaking out for working people, and disenfranchised people.

The decadence, the greed and the power of Super Pacs has become such a deeply disturbing force in politics that it leaves many of us sickened and hopeless. The rigged political system has to be changed and nobody has what it takes to deal with that arduous, up hill task than Bernie Sanders.

Growing up in England with free health care for all, is is sad to see so many people in the U.S. still with no health coverage. I am grateful that my step mum is able to get the prescription medicine she needs without the worry if she can afford them, or go without groceries.

My dad passed away last year in England and he not only had excellent hospital care, but also exceptional hospice care, all free of charge. I know the British National Health has some problems, but it’s light years better than what we have in this country.

The UK just elected a new leader of the Labour Party.
It’s time for us to have big change in this country too.
Bernie Sanders is the change we need.
I don’t want another Bush or a Clinton. I don’t believe in oligarchs.

The Political Establishment and the power of Big Money will fight him all the way. But Bernie is up to the task, and so are We The People.

I was in the huge crowd of 27.000 people at Bernie’s rally in LA over the summer and I have never experienced anything like it. The electricity, the passion of the crowd of multi-generational, multi-ethnic supporters was a beautiful sight to behold.

What was particularly striking was the multitudes of young people who were in attendance, and are now in many ways the fire that is driving Bernie’s campaign. It is beautiful to see so many young Bernie’s in the making.

I’m in for Bernie all the way. I will continue to support, donate and campaign any way I can. Bernie has influenced the Democratic Party more than any politician in recent history, and he’s just getting started.
But again, make no mistake the powers at hand will do all they can do stop him. He’s slowly getting the media recognition he so rightly deserves, but with his massive social media presence, the enormous turn outs at his rally’s, the surge in donations and his skill at debating, well, Bernie is a force to be reckoned with.

I no longer listen to the media, or folks who say he cannot win. I tune them out.
I’m ready for the Bernie Revolution. I’m ready to give my all to this amazing grass roots Movement that is growing stronger by the day. I’m ready for a leader who believes that government should work for all its people, not just a chosen elite few.

I am ready for a different kind of leader. I am ready for President Bernie Sanders.

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  1. Having Bernie as the President would herald real change for the US — something that Obama had promised, but wasn’t able to follow through on in more ways than one, due to constant Republican stonewalling. I am definitely voting for Bernie!

  2. Angela, I just to THANK YOU for your wonderful “dual citizenship” perspective and such LIFE-AFFIRMING words on the hope that Bernie’s “revolution” means to us Liberal/Left/Progressives out there!

    For some reason, a bulk of Americans — particularly in the more poverty-stricken, lower-educated Red States of the South — have been so “programmed” (aka “brainwashed”) into equating any kind of Socialism with Communism. To read your perspective of our American “have or have-not” healthcare patchwork (I won’t call it a “system”) with what you, your step mum and father have ENJOYED in the “peace-of-mind” of National Health Service in the UK really illustrates how much Americans do NOT know and realize about what they are being DEPRIVED of in our country’s “exclusionary” and “profit obsessive” healthcare patchwork.

    Perhaps what is most TRAGIC is that even when the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) passed Congress in March 2010, the Senate had secretly tabled an attempt to REPEAL a murderous 70-year-old “antitrust exemption” (aka “MONOPOLY”) sanctioned by America’s federal government in the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945, which provides the “Big Health Insurance Carriers” (aka “Death Merchants”) with completely UNREGULATED monopoly powers in all 50 states of the union.

    It was just appalling that the Senate “tabled” the repeal of McCarran-Ferguson for “lack of a quorum” (aka “bought off”) literally in the “midnight hours” of the ACA’s passage — keeping intact what probably has been “federally sanctioned exclusionary and punitive business practices” — murder, bankruptcy and untold suffering for BILLIONS of Americans since 1945…70 years and counting. To me, the McCarran-Ferguson might be the most SYMBOLIC measure of the American federal government “signing the death warrants of billions of Americans” and most grievous of all affronts to HUMANITY in this country!

    I’m sorry to “go off” about McCarran-Ferguson, but out of so many “non-Public Trust” bills to pass our “bought-off” Congress, this one disturbs me the most! And, Angela, knowing what you know about the differences between HUMANE “universal healthcare” in the U.K. and other parts of Europe compared to the “Have or Have-Not Healthcare Patchwork of America,” you know precisely what is MISSING from the SOUL of America…humanity and empathy for our nation’s “neediest,” most “vulnerable” of citizens. It’s a NATIONAL SHAME which I do hope, pray and support for Bernie to address in his “Medicare For All” platform!

    Again, thank you so much for pointing out the injustices of the Top 1% $hadow Plutocracy/Oligarchies strip-mining this country! Oh, I’m so JEALOUS that the Brits only have to deal with 6 weeks of election rhetoric while we Americans are TORTURED with 39 weeks of bombast, bile and big money campaigning…uuuggghhhh!

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